Movcam is dedicated to providing the best solution to shooting in motion. Our development team and service team as well strive to give the best to our clients in every possible way.


Development in New Technology Thanks to our many years experience and ability in the industry, we develop and tailor-make various gears and accessories for professional film shooting and special filming requirements.

Maintenance and Upgrading Movcam offers maintenance and upgrading services, including but not limited to its own brand. We take it as our mission to help you keep your equipment in its best condition. We’ve successfully helped several film gears rental companies and TV stations to do so. We also provide backup service for camera stabilizers for grand TV broadcast activities.

Introducing Rental Service There is considerable need for stabilizer rental services. We help our clients offer rental service to those who need it so as to help our clients to make the best of their Movcam stabilizers.

Support for Educational Institutions Film academy is a big part of our clients. Movcam is willing to offer help to academies with the teaching in teaching resources and equipment maintenance. And we also help students by providing the stabilizer equipment in non-commercial film production.

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